First Bird of the Year by Mandy Creighton

Windang Beach, NSW, Australia

It was pretty inevitable it would be a Seagull, I walk my dogs on the beach near my house every morning and there are always Silver Gulls, Australia’s most common Gull there. They are interesting to watch and often fly low down the beach in ‘squadrons’. It’s summer time here and all the birds are enjoying feasting on the plentiful cicadas and the seagulls are no exception, it’s fun to watch them flying around over the vegetation in the dunes and pluck the cicadas from the air, I captured a gull in flight with the cicada it had just caught. Enjoy the photos.

Silver Gull by Mandy Creighton

Silver Gulls hanging around on the beach as usual.

Silver Gull by Mandy Creighton

Silver Gull in flight, immature plumage.

Silver Gull by Mandy Creighton

Adult Silver Gull with a cicada in it’s mouth that it just caught.

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