Finally! A Real Owl

If you have been following this blog for a while you probably know two things.  First, its author is probably the worst birder in the world, and second, this struggling birder was once fooled by a stuffed owl planted by his scheming coworkers in a tree behind the office. Click here if you don’t know the story.  Since that day he has been striving to spot an actual living owl and has felt the victim of some kind of curse, because people who would never consider themselves birders accidentally see owls all the time, yet he, who goes great lengths to seek out the locations that they would likely be, has never been able to find one.  That is until today.  Finally an owl.  This one a Burrowing Owl.  Burrowing Owls are commonly spotted (by non-cursed people) in the fields surrounding small airports in South Florida.  The owls are a protected species, and their burrows are clearly marked by big bright orange cones so they are not inadvertently destroyed by those maintaining the fields.  If you find yourself at a small airport check for the cones.  There is a good chance you’ll see a Burrowing Owl perched on top, such as this one.

Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia)