What’s Chirping? began in the fall of 2010, when novice photographer and bird watcher, Sam Crowther, decided to document his adventures in bird watching in  a blog.  He called the blog What’s Chirping? and published almost one hundred stories about his birding adventures over the next two years.  Gradually Sam’s new found love of bird watching clarified in to a love of bird photography and finally into a passion for photography in general.  At the end of 2012, Sam put his bird watching and blogging on hold and chose to focus on becoming a better photographer.  Birds, however, remained one of his favorite subjects to shoot.

In 2013 Sam created an Instagram account for What’s Chirping and began using the hashtag #whatschirping to share his bird photos and encouraging others to do the same.  By the end of that year 45,000 bird photos on Instagram had been tagged with #whatschirping.  At the end of that year Sam decided to revive the What’s Chirping? blog. This time instead of sharing his bird photos and stories, Sam will be gathering stories and photos from bird lovers around the world.

In addition to What’s Chirping, Sam also has a blog for beginning photographers called Great Shot, Dude! and sells his photography in framed and t-shirt form at samthecrow.com.


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