American White Pelican

We have two species of Pelican in South Florida, the American White Pelican and the Brown Pelican.  Other than the obvious difference in their appearance, indicated by their names, their feeding styles are also quite different.  The Brown Pelican hovers and dives for its meals, while the American White Pelican forages while swimming.  It dips its large bill into the water and scoops up fish, amphibians and crayfish.  Here are some images of one catching a frog at Cutler Wetland in southern Miami-Dade, Florida.

American White Pelican (Pelecanus erythrorhynchos)
Pulling up a frog…
down the hatch!

2 thoughts on “American White Pelican

  1. The veins in his throat pouch look so cool! Lucky you for capturing it.

  2. Yes. I was fortunate to capture that. Those veins are cool indeed.

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