Wakodahatchee Wood Storks

The Wood Stork is one of my favorite birds.  I’m not sure why.  Perhaps I just relate well to bald guys.  During my recent visit to Wakodahatchee Wetlands the Wood Storks, which are listed as an endangered species, were abundant.  Near the back of the park was a rookery of twenty or thirty birds. The shallow and still waters of the wetlands provide a sufficient supply of small fish; just what these birds need to feed themselves and their young.

I love Wood Stork flyovers.
They are beautiful in flight with their white covert feathers and black primaries and secondaries displayed.
Unlike most wading birds they fly with both their neck and legs extended.
An ominous trio.
Wood Stork Rookery

2 thoughts on “Wakodahatchee Wood Storks

  1. I love these wood stork photos, especially the ones in flight.I always enjoy seeing North America's only stork when I'm in Florida.Rita

  2. Thanks Rita. They certainly are great birds.

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