Palm Warbler at Chekika

The Chekika Area of Everglades National Park is only open from December through May, so there is one month left to get out there and enjoy it .  It closes to the public during the wet season.  This Eastern-side access to the Florida Everglades is the quickest to access for most Miami-Dade residents, and there is no admission fee charged.  If you are into birds, reptiles, flowers, butterflies or just nature in general you definitely want to check this one out.  I enjoy it because it is an easy thirty minute drive from my home and I always come back with some great photos and a story or two. Here is a little Palm Warbler I found hopping back and forth through the tall grass alongside the road leading up to the park.

Palm Warbler (Dendroica Palmarum)
Palm Warbler (Dendroica Palmarum)


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