Broken Foot Birder Part II

If you have been following my blog since its inception you may recall my first post, The Broken Foot Birder. It was composed in September of 2010 while I was recovering from a broken foot.  I was frustrated about missing out on things due to my dependency on crutches, and it was during this time period that I decided to take up birding and blogging. Now, in an uncanny turn of fate akin to being struck by lightning twice, I have once again broken my foot.  This time I fell of a ledge while hanging Christmas lights on my house.  Technically I jumped off the ledge, and I should probably add that I jumped due to a swarm of wasps coming out of a nest I had disturbed, lest you think that I am prone to reckless ledge-jumping.  The result was a crushed heel that must now be surgically repaired.  So I have once again donned the Broken Foot Birder moniker and figure it is time for another session of introspective analysis.

I have been birding for a little over a year, and, although I am still relatively new at it, I realize that I may be the world’s worst birder.  I still can’t identify most of the birds I see, especially the little ones, because they all look the same to me.  I set a goal of seeing 200 types of birds this year, which should be an easy feat here in South Florida, and I may not even hit the half way point.  I haven’t yet seen an eagle or an owl, unless you count the fake owl that my coworkers put in a tree in the parking lot that completely fooled me.  I have non-birding friends telling me about seeing owls all the time and they aren’t even trying.  So I am definitely not good at birding.  But I still love it.

It is great having something to be passionate about that isn’t work.  I love getting out into nature.  I enjoy the challenge of identifying the birds I see and the quest to check new birds off the list.  I am learning quite a bit about this fascinating subject.  I am becoming a pretty good photographer.  I get to write creatively.  I think my favorite thing about birding is seeing the little treasures that a million people pass right by and never notice.

So even though I am not a great birder, I am definitely going to miss it during these next few weeks and I can’t wait to get out there again.  Luckily, I had the opportunity to get a few sessions in just before the injury — in fact I birded a new spot the morning of the day it happened — so I will be able to post some photos and stories while I am on the shelf.  Here is a shot of a molting European Starling taken at the Dump Marsh in Cutler Bay, FL a couple hours before my fall…er…jump.

European Starling (Sturnus vulgaris)


3 thoughts on “Broken Foot Birder Part II

  1. Sorry to hear about your foot. I've broken mine a couple times. Don't let the crutches hamper you. You car is a great blind. Birds mostly ignore them so you can get real close and stick your lens out the window. One of my first white-crowned sparrows was shot out the window of my 4runner.

  2. Thanks Craig, I had actually been pondering that myself. Great shot of the sparrow!

  3. You are welcome. What I like to do is use my monopod in the car. I have a tilt/swivel head and put some pipe insulation on it to cushion it. Keep it not extended. I can adjust the angle while it's resting on the open window. Otherwise a bag full of beans works too.

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