Indian Peafowl at Bill Sadowski Park

During a recent stop by Bill Sadowski Park in Palmetto Bay, FL I was greeted by a small group of Indian Peafowl, commonly known as Peacocks.  Anyone who lives or spends a good amount of time around Old Cutler Road in the South Western quadrant of Miami-Dade County is very familiar with these colorful birds.  They are quite frequently seen in small groups along the roadside or pecking around parks and homeowners’ front yards.

As their name suggests, these bright blue and green residents are not indigenous to South Florida.  Originally brought over from India as pets, they are one of several invasive species in the area, albeit one that many don’t mind having around.

Indian Peafowl or Blue Peafowl (Pavo cristatus)

I am guessing these to be immature males, as their train feather are somewhat short.


One thought on “Indian Peafowl at Bill Sadowski Park

  1. I admire that species … sooo beautiful …

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