Cardinalis Cardinalis

Cardinalis cardinalis.  That’s the fancy-scientific name for the Northern Cardinal, which is one of my favorite passerines.   (Passerine is fancy-scientific for perching bird.)  Northern Cardinals are very common in South Florida.  I see them all the time.  But unlike some of our other abundant avian residents, the Northern Cardinal never seems commonplace.  Their bright red feathers and prominent crest makes standout from their surroundings and they have a beautiful song.  They are always entertaining. They are also very skittish and usually seek shelter deep in the branches of the nearest tree or bush, especially when my camera and I begin to show an interest.  This weekend I heard one singing in a clump of trees alongside the Black Creek Trail in Cutler Bay.  It took me a few minutes to spot him, and when I did, I was fortunate to get a few photos before he darted away.

Northern Cardinal peeking out  from the branches.

Keeping a wary eye on the bumbling photographer down below.

“Get a few more shots of my good side, then I’m out of here!”

2 thoughts on “Cardinalis Cardinalis

  1. Thanks for the cardinal pics – the cardinal is one of my favorite birds. Since I moved to Utah, I don't get to see them anymore.My recent blog post is a photo shoot taken on the Anhinga Trail when I was in Everglades N.P. in February. You can check it out at: onedayinamerica.blogspot.comAlso, because you live in Florida you might want to check out my older blog post about Wakulla Springs State Park – great birding there!

  2. Rita,I am glad you enjoyed the cardinal. Thanks for pointing me to your awesome blog. Great post about the Anhinga Trail.

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