Baby Mockingbird

“Why do you lug all that camera equipment to work with you everyday?” my wife asks.  Because I never know when a photo opportunity may arise.  This morning, after arriving at work, I heard some baby birds chirping as I walked across the parking lot from my car to the building.  I looked up to see some young Northern Mockingbirds beckoning to their mother (or father) for a snack.  Just then an adult bird swooped in and delivered a treat right into the waiting beak of one of the babies.  I fumbled with my camera bag, but the action was over well before I was ready to start shooting.  I did manage to get one nice image of the baby enjoying the meal he had just received.

Juvenile Northern Mockingbird (Mimus polyglottos)

5 thoughts on “Baby Mockingbird

  1. Great catch on the baby! My husband thinks the same thing about me with my camera going everywhere. Do you leave your camera in the car a lot? I wasn't sure if I should be worried about the heat in Florida.

  2. I never leave it in the car, but not because of the sun – because I work in Miami.

  3. Great photo, Sam! Looks a lot like the baby mockingbird sitting in my lap right now. That's right, seems it can't fly back to its nest & I can't locate its parents. Perhaps my cat got them. 😦 Anyway, glad I found your photo; it confirms what I suspect the bird is. Now, to find out what I'm going to do about this. Wish us luck! ~Holly

  4. Thanks Holly! Good luck.

  5. Nice capture Sam! I have a camera with me always and it has paid off.

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