Birding the Everglades – Tricolored Heron

Herons are large majestic birds that thrive in South Florida and are abundant throughout the Everglades.  They are bold, long-legged wading birds that gracefully stalk their prey through the shallows. One of my favorite herons is the Tricolored Heron, a medium-sized heron, sooty gray with a tinge of purple, white trimming and hints of rusty pink.  I watched this one a few weeks ago as he fished in the Everglades, marveling at his uncanny ability to concentrate on the task at hand.  I decided that, unlike me, herons do not suffer from ADD.

Tricolored Heron steps gracefully through the shallows.
Spreading wings to reveal a white body underneath.
Taking some time to reflect.

2 thoughts on “Birding the Everglades – Tricolored Heron

  1. Great photos of the Tri-color!

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