Birding the Everglades: Baby Anhingas

I think my favorite thing about birding is the element of surprise.  You never know what you’re going to experience.  The key is you have to be out there looking.  The other day on the Anhinga Trail I heard what sounded like a hundred birds chattering.  The high pitched chirping was loud and didn’t stop.  As I drew closer to the sound I notice that several of the other people on the trail had stopped to see the cause of the racket.  I joined the crowd and was amazed to see that there wasn’t a hundred birds chirping after all.  It was just two.  Two baby Anhingas.   The two craned their fuzzy white necks up to their mother, pleading with her for a meal.  I snapped a couple of photos and then stopped to enjoy the moment and admit to myself that perhaps humans babies don’t really cry too much after all.


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