Birding the Everglades: Long Pine Key

The Main Entrance to Everglades National Park is just fifteen minutes west of Florida City, FL.  Just ten minutes inside the gate is Long Pine Key, a camping and hiking area that offers great bird watching opportunities.  I arrived this weekend for an afternoon of hiking and was welcomed by an enormous flock of Tree Swallows swarming in circles above the small pond.  There must have been ten thousand of them, moving in concert, reminiscent of a school of sardines stretching hundreds of feet up into the sky.

Tree Swallows – Can you guess how many?

Tree Swallows – Dipping and Sipping

A juvenile Little Blue Heron doing a little fishing.

A Palm Warbler clinging to the reeds.

A Yellow-throated Warbler peeking out from a Pine Tree.

12 thoughts on “Birding the Everglades: Long Pine Key

  1. Nice photos! Your last photo is actually of a Yellow-throated Warbler. One cool thing about these birds is that they nest in the Southeast, unlike many other North American warblers. Keep an eye out for a Spindalis though, as they are rare vagrants to your area.

  2. Thanks for the help. I'll make the change!

  3. Hi there – nice blog and good pictures.Had a look at your twitch list and thought you may be interested in having a look at my blog for a source of ideas for birds in Austrlia! have a look at the bower birds! Hope you get inspired!Stewart M

  4. Great blog, Stewart. Thanks for sharing. The Regent Bowerbird is now on my Twitch List.

  5. that's an impressive amount of tree swallows! I like the shot of them at the water, cool. Nice Little Blue also. And I love yellow-throated warblers !

  6. There were a lot of them indeed. I tried to get some better shots of them, but they were too fast and I need a lot more practice.

  7. Awesome shot of the flocking Tree Swallows Sam! Their aerial maneuvers are always fun to watch, especially when they're gleaning insects off the water surface. I must say they are tough to photograph in flight. Quick they are.I love your Little Blue Heron shot too.

  8. The Tree Swallow is quite rare down here in Panama… seeing thousands of them MUST be impressive!

  9. It was the first time I'd seen anything like it, although I am still very new to birding.

  10. Great shot of the tree swallows overhead – nice to see so many!

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