Birding the Point – Great Egret

One of my favorite birding spots in southern Miami-Dade County is Biscayne National Park at Black Point Marina. I like this spot because there are shore birds, wading birds, raptors and songbirds. I also like it because it is only a five minute drive from my home. The north side of the marina is part of Biscayne National Park and features a nice walking path that varies in length depending on the tide. This post will be one of a series of posts of photos from Black Point. Enjoy these photos of a beautiful Great Egret I had a chance to observe on a recent visit.

(Click on photos to enlarge.)

This magnificent Great Egret was fishing the shallows.

Long-legged Beauty

Tracking the Fish.


Drying off to try again.

2 thoughts on “Birding the Point – Great Egret

  1. Brilliant photos of a lovely bird Sam. Well captured mate.

  2. Thanks. Glad you enjoyed them.

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