Greater Yellowlegs?

This morning there was something new poking around the shallow rim of the pond behind my backyard. I believe it was a Greater Yellowlegs. I grabbed my point and shoot camera and snapped off a few quick pictures.

Is this a Greater Yellowlegs?

A little bit closer…

Probing for water bugs.

I did a little research and based on its behavior — probing and poking in the pond shallows for insects — and its great yellow legs, I am calling it a Greater Yellowlegs. What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Greater Yellowlegs?

  1. No help here, but I enjoyed the photos.

  2. There are actually two kinds of yellowlegs, the Greater and Lesser. They are hard to tell apart without seeing the two next to each other (the Greater is much larger). Look at the length of the bill compared to the length of the head; if they are equal, it's a Lesser, and if the bill is about 50% longer than the head, you have a Greater.Here's a link that might help: photos!

  3. The bill was pretty long. The pictures don't show it well, but it was definitely longer than the head. Thanks for the help and the link.

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