American Coots Congregating

American Coot

When we moved in to our town house a couple of months ago I noticed a lone American Coot swimming in the pond behind our building. I watched her (or him) as she swam back and forth across the pond. Every now and then she would quickly dart under the water and come back up with a tasty snail or seed. After a few days of observing this coot I realized that she had burrowed a little home base for herself into one of the grassy banks of the pond. I thought about her being alone and where the other coots might be. I wondered if American Coots were loners or if she had become separated from her group somehow.

Last week, much to my surprise, I noticed a second coot swimming in the pond next her. A few days later I spotted a couple juveniles. Yesterday morning I surveyed the pond and I counted six coots. I am happy to see these new arrivals and I am guessing the coot is too. Unless, of course, coots are really loners after all.

Reinforcements Arrive

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